Chobani seeks “strategic investor”: PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Co swoop in

Everyone’s favorite Greek yogurt may not be the same if PepsiCo or the Coca-Cola Company manage to become a shareholder.

Reuters says Chobani is exploring selling a minority share, but we do have to wonder what that really means. They say they are looking for a strategic investor to help expand their distribution, manufacturing base and geographic footprint, and increase their supply chain.

PepsiCo has a joint venture with Mueller – the German dairy producer, and Coca-Cola has recently snagged minority shares with Keurig Green Mountain and Suja Juice.

Chobani has been on the rise since they first launched in 2007. The company claims Chobani Flip is the fastest growing platform in the yogurt arena. You have to wonder, will the quality of ingredients change if Coke or Pepsi becomes their strategic partner? We may see (genetically) modified cornstarch or high fructose corn syrup on the label some day – it wouldn’t be the first time a big consumer goods firm stepped in and lowered the quality bar to make a product more profitable.


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